Learn Microsoft Frontpage In Simple Steps

Microsoft FrontPage is highly user friendly WYSIWYG editor. It is very unfortunate that this great tool has been discontinued to promote the one other product of Microsoft. However, many web users find it convenient to use this tool to create exciting web pages. There are also template vendors that sell FrontPage templates for a price. Any one can use this tool as if using an MS word document. The tool also features various functionalities like project management, templates and supports XML, scripts, CSS, database, and the like.

Some of the user friendly features include HTML validator, text editor, WYSIWYG editor, color coding, tag completion, FTP manager, hyperlink checker, Special characters support and many more. This article briefs about how to create web pages using this wonder tool in the following paragraphs.

Creating Websites Using FrontPage

It is possible to create edit and host your web pages with FrontPage. Just follow the easy steps given below to create a new website of your own.

? Open the file menu and select New Page or Web
? Click on the Empty Web in the submenu to create new page
? Use the options to choose the location to store the files and create a new directory
? Now click on the new page icon to create a web page
? You can straight away start editing the home page or create sub-pages for you website

Hyperlink Creation in FrontPage

Hyperlink is nothing but the clickable text that leads you to other internal pages or even web pages outside of your website. It is easy to create hyperlinks with FrontPage.

? Type the anchor text that you wish to link to an internal or external page
? Select the text and click on the hyperlink tool in the tool bar
? In the pop up window type the URL of the web page you wish to link to the text
? By clicking the Ok button you are done

Creating Frames Using FrontPage

When it comes to navigation in a website Frames are one of the well known components. It is easy to create frames using FrontPage. Just follow the easy steps given below to create great looking frames.

? In the file menu select the new page
? Click the tab named ?Frames Pages?
? Among the various options, choose the one you like and click ok
? For every frame, choose either an existing web page or create a new page

However, if you find it cumbersome to create your own web pages, you can pick a pre-made FrontPage template from the collection offered by service providers. In case you need many FrontPage templates you can opt for membership programs that allow you to download many templates including CMS templates for a small annual membership fee.

Publishing Your Website Using FrontPage
Once you have created your website you can publish it using FrontPage.

Before publishing check if you have completed the entire web pages and have linked them properly. Use the checklist to verify the web pages to be uploaded.

Go to File and click Publish Web a dialog box will pop up prompting you for the destination type the location of the web server and click OK
In the pop up dialog box that prompts for user name and password, type your user name and password provided by the web hosting service provider and click OK. You are done with publishing your site successfully.