Custom SharePoint Development

In the days of ever increasing demands from the customers, providing high quality services at cost effective prices and providing right information at the right time is the key to the success of any business. If one has to remain in the race of competition from the players all over the world, it is of high importance to have the latest information on ones finger tips. This demands for having the right tools and software failing which one is lost in the competition and is also out of visibility in the companies are now relying on the software that provides all the information to the management at one place which is accessible from any place and any of the most successful software in the recent years from Microsoft has been the SharePoint content management system which is well received by one and all.Basically, SharePoint helps people to set up Web sites to share information with others, manage documents from start to finish, and publish reports to help everyone make better decisions. Share Point consultants help organizations build the applications on SharePoint. There are different categories under which Share Point consultants can be categorized like Share Point Administrator, who does the deployment of Share Point Server, Share Point Developer, who customizes and further extends the functionalities for customization, Share Point Designer, who basically does the design of the templates for websites/ portals using the SharePoint Designer software. Why one should adopt Share Point Solutions: Ready to use platform: Once the Share Point is setup by the Administrator most of the commonly features are readily available to use and also one can customize the site to his requirements based on the privileges he/she has. Personalization: Share Point allows the user to personalize their sites with simple drag and drop operations. It also allows customizing the various fields you want to add to your pages to suit your requirements. Search: Share Point allows users to search any kind of data from the portal. Whether it is a free text content or user or site, one can find information easily using the search feature provided by Share Point. Single Sign on: Single Sign on facilitates the user to easy access to the all the information from Share Point sites. Since the SharePoint uses the Active Directory database, the users can use the same login that they login to their system and after successful login can directly login to the Share Point sites without requiring additional login. Track Project Status: Many customers will be curious to see the status of their projects. Since Share Point being the products of the Microsoft family, it is seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Project which is basically used to track the project plans and its status. Using the SharePoint the end users can have access to the project reports on daily/weekly basis anytime. This helps customers to have the transparency on their projects. SharePoint Web parts: A Web Part is a server control which can be added to a Web Part Zone on Web Part Page by users at run time. Web Part enables end users to modify the content, appearance, and behaviour of Web pages directly from a browser. SharePoint provides different types of Web Parts like Content editor Web Part, Form Web Part, Image Web Part, List view Web Part, Data View Web . Some of the Advantages of SharePoint